Karl-Lemmermann-Haus, Hanover (Germany)

Pension house | 41 sqm | 29 kWth | 2002

In 2002 the energy supply of this residential accommodation for homeless males was renovated: a 40 sqm solar thermal plant for hot tap water heating, a 4.7 kWp photo­voltaic plant and a rainwater catchment system were installed.
The consumption of natural gas could be reduced by more than 20,000 kWh/a.

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Laurentiushaus, Olching (Germany)

Nursing home | 77 sqm | 48 kWth | 2005

Reorganization of the gas central heating installation was necessary, because the new EU-standard was not reached.
Additionally a very high warm water consumption also in the summer was determined. Therefore a CSTS and three mini cogeneration units were installed.
The building itself is in good shape.

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