ASL Chivasso, Torino (Italy)

Hospital | 68 sqm | 43 kWth | 2003

In Chivasso (TO), a solar combisystem plant was installed on the roof of a public hospital. The 60 m2 flat plate collectors cover over 15 % of the whole energy demand of the building, which houses also a nurse school.
The heating network is based on fan coils, which are also responsible for cooling: in the summer the solar plant provides heat to the air treatment unit.

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Dom paraplegikov, Pacug (Slovenia)

Hotel, Hospital and Sports centre | 78 sqm | 50 kWth | 2006

The Health Resort is designed for invalids and offers them an option for healthy and relax vacations. Invalid sportsman can use the resort for preparation for sport competitions.
The solar system is used for tap water heating and preheating of swimming pool water. It will operate throughout the whole year.

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