Aquatik Park A Coruņa, Cerceda, Galicia (Spain)

Sports centre | 1,130 sqm | 715 kWth | 2006

The CSTS has been installed to extend the park operating season by covering a bigger demand of the swimming pool heating.
The CSTS for the Aquatic Park A Coruņa is one of the biggest installation within the country and is a remarkable example in the solar thermal field due to its design singularity (pergola construction).

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Club Tennis Sabadell, Sabadell, Catalonia (Spain)

Sports centre | 380 sqm | 244 kWth | 2005

The Sabadell Tennis Club decided to reduce their energy bill by installing a solar thermal system. They were offered an ESCO project with a contract duration of tvelwe years. After that period of time, the CSTS will totally belong to the club.
The system covers part of the hot water demand and gives support to the
swimming pool.

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Piscines Picornell, Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)

Sports centre | 371 sqm | 234 kWth | 2004

The CSTS has been installed in the Picornell swimming pools to cover the hot water demand of the showers and the gym. The solar thermal installation has been designed in the form of a pergola to shadow the sport centre parking lot.

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