Promotion of large solar thermal systems

Province of Turin, Italy

Italian title: Promozione di impianti solari di grandi dimensioni




The Province of Turin implemented a promotion campaign for large-scale solar thermal plants between 2003 and 2006. The campaign addressed both, investors and technicians, thus enhancing local know-how establishment.
Through a call for tenders three buildings were chosen for the installation of large scale solar plants. The Province of Turin provided a co-financing of the systems, as well as scientific support to the investors: a training course about large-scale solar thermal systems took place in 2003 and was attended, among others, by the planners of the three systems chosen within the call. These planners were then supported in the design of the plant and in choosing the best components. The scientific support was provided during the installation, too. Finally, a one-year monitoring was carried out.
The three systems are currently in operation.
The outcomes of the projects were disseminated towards Public Administrations, technicians and citizens through the Province’s website, brochures and conventions.



The campaign was carried out in the province of Turin, where over 2.2 millions inhabitants are living. Due to the existence of some large cities (Turin ca. 900,000 inhabitants, Moncalieri ca. 55,000, Rivoli ca. 52,000) large multi-family houses and social housing are common in this region. Besides, a lot of hotels are available in the skiing resorts. In general, the economic framework is quite good due to productive and commercial branch.

The Solarge campaign had following objectives:

  • to promote large-scale solar thermal plants towards investors (owners of multi-family houses, hotels, elderly houses)

  • to establish technical know-how on local level

The Province of Turin recently joined as supporter the SOLARGE project, which is co-financed by the "Intelligent Energy – Europe" programme of the European Union.



Aim of the campaign is to promote large-scale solar thermal plants towards investors and to establish technical know-how on local level. To achieve these aims, subsidies for the installation of three pilot plants and a comprehensive support program have been provided. Finally, a communication package has been adopted to disseminate the campaign's outcomes towards the target groups (house owners, technicians and other local authorities).



The campaign was structured as follows:

Promotion of the initiative

  • presentation brochure disseminated towards potentially interested subjects and downloadable from the Province's website

  • workshop: description of the technology, cost-benefit analysis, best practice examples in Europe

Call for tenders

In the call technical and administrative criteria were defined. The preparation and the evaluation of the call has been supported by experts.

Support of planning

  • training course for planners of the selected systems

  • assistance to the planners through plant simulations and permanent advice by experts

  • design of monitoring equipment

  • assistance in the preparation of calls for tenders  /  offer request

  • evaluation of applications / offers

Support of installation

  • periodic meetings on-site with planners and installers.

  • support of plant starting and testing

  • Monitoring of plants

  • monthly monitoring of systems' performances

  • elaboration of monitoring data

Communication package

  • brochures and posters documenting the installed systems

  • placing of displays in the selected buildings to show the systems' performances

  • publication of system data on the Province's website

  • power point presentations

  • articles for media


Financial resources and partners



scientific support


communication package


plant subsidies




The campaign was entirely designed and financed by the Province of Turin.
Scientific support was provided by Ambiente Italia srl.

The three investors in solar thermal systems are:

  • Consorzio Pracatinat (hotel offering environmental education activities)

  • ATC Torino (social housing company)

  • Asilo dei Vecchi (elderly house)



Following results have been reached within the project:

  • information seminar

  • training course for technicians (31 participants)

  • three large-scale solar thermal plants installed and currently in operation (230 m2 flat plate collectors and 70 m2 vacuum tube collectors in total)

  • 1,500 brochures disseminated (municipalities, provinces, social housing companies, building companies)


Lessons learnt and repeatability 

The most positive aspect of the project is the comprehensiveness of the action: besides financial subsidies, flanking support service has been provided by the promoter. This should be a model for future projects, especially when public administrations are promoting new technologies.
Some problems were encountered in the operation of the plants, since in some cases no responsible person was in charge of operating, monitoring and maintaining the systems.
For future initiatives it is recommendable that either guarantees of solar results are requested, or the systems are installed by ESCOs.


Contact for more information

Project website:


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via Valleggio, Torino, Italy


Ambiente Italia srl
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via Carlo Poerio, 39, Milano, Italy
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