Albergo Cepina, Valdisotto (SO) (Italy)

Hotel | 35 sqm | 23 kWth | 2006

The Valdisotto Municipality want to promote renewable energies towards the population. As soon as the monitoring data will be available, they will disseminate the systems’ performance and quantify the cost-benefit results.
Public Administrations should always be the first to implement best practice examples in order to promote the use of renewables.

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La Giurlita, Ugento (LE) (Italy)

Hotel | 60 sqm | 40 kWth | 2007

The existing heating plant was already preset for solar thermal, the target building’s conditions are very good and the rooms offer a high level of comfort. The coincidence between maximum heat demand and solar energy availability in the summer makes the system very convenient.
The solar systems provides heat for domestic hot water preparation.

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Masseria Bosco, Avetrana (TA) (Italy)

Hotel + restaurant | 129 sqm | 84 kWth | 2007

A first plant was realised with ten collectors. The good results achieved by the system convinced the owner to increase the plant's size, thus contributing to the external pool's heating.

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Pracatinat, Fenestrelle (TO) (Italy)

Hotel | 150 sqm | 100 kWth | 2004

Consorzio Pracatinat is an environmental education centre, namely a hotel for groups of students offering environmental education activities (up to 200 guests).
Large scale modules (10 m˛ each) were fixed on top of the building without perforating the roof. Due to the low efficiency of the existing auxiliary heating system, the fuel saving is very high.

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