Melegnano, Melegnano (MI) (Italy)

Sports centre | 200 sqm | 130 kWth | 1999

The pilot plant in Melegnano was installed on a public swimming pool and partially financed by the European Community. It provides heat for both, the hot water system and the swimming pool. A solar performance guarantee was available for the first twelve months of operation. The plant has been planned according to large scale criteria. The total system costs amount to about 625 €/sqm.

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Piscina Playa, Catania (Italy)

Sports centre | 676 sqm | 350 kWth | 2006

This plant was installed in the framework of the “Comune Solarizzato“ project, thus benefitting from a public financial contribution. Playa is the major sport centre in the city and hosts a lot of different sport events.
The solar plant provides heat for the swimming pools, while a smaller solar plant heats up tap water. All in all, 302 solar collectors have been installed.

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Piscina solare Osimo, Osimo AN (Italy)

Sports centre | 270 sqm | 170 kWth | 2007

The Municipality of Osimo, owner of the sports centre, approved the project and participated in the investment.

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