Gallo Ferrarese, Gallo Ferrarese (FE) (Italy)

Others: Agroindustrial enterprise | 80 sqm | 50 kWth | 2005

The solar thermal plant provides hot water for washing of boxes and for space heating.

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Terme di Santa Cesarea, Santa Cesarea Terme (LE) (Italy)

Others: Thermal baths | 539 sqm | 330 kWth | 2007

Solar thermal plant for hot water and space heating and for the heating of thermal water and mud.
The investor was awakened by the designer, who first suggested the installation of a solar thermal system. The subsidies for small and medium enterprises convinced the investor definitively.

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Via Torquato Tasso, Patů (LE) (Italy)

House with commercial area | 32.5 sqm | 20 kWth | 2007

The aim of the investor, who is working as an installer, was to realise a modern apartment with advanced technological solutions and low operation costs. Beside the solar thermal plant, high insulation standards have been therefore adopted. The solar system is based on flat plate solar thermal collectors, which are connected to a combi boiler with stratification control.

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