Die Fabrik, Berlin (Germany)

Hotel | 27 sqm | 17 kWth | 1999

The hotel „Die Fabrik“ is located in a former industrial building. In 1994 when the building was reconstructed as hotel rooms, bathrooms, the lobby and a restaurant were created. The increase of comfort standard was not to manage with the 50-years-old out-of-date steam heating system. Therefore in 1999 the whole building was energetic modernised.

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Hotel Fortuna, Kirchzarten (Germany)

Hotel | 54 sqm | 33 kWth | 2004

During a regular pub meeting in the year 2000, the hotel owner and a collective solar thermal systems installer discussed the apparent high consumption of oil for hot water heating during the warm months.
The installer started measuring the consumption of hot water and found a maximum of 4,000 litres and a daily average of finally 2,900 litres.

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