Bischof-Benno-Haus, Schmochtitz (Germany)

Educational centre | 79 sqm | 48 kWth | 2000

The bishop Benno house in Schmochtitz is the central educational institution of the diocese Dresden Meissen.
In the framework of the development of a former barn, a solar thermal system for hot water heating for three buildings (barn, land house and main house) was established on the new covered roof.

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Passive houses, Karlsbad (Germany)

Residential Estate | 62 sqm | 40 kWth | 2002

Initiated and financed by Alfred Ritter, Paradigma has extended its proven concepts with this type of residential estate of passive houses. Solar energy is used for hot tap water and space heating. The residential estate was consistently planned and built in a passive house design. Efficiency and the usage of ecological technical building equipment have always been in the primary focus.

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Strählerweg, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Single-family detached house| 125 sqm | 60 kWth | 2004

The building which is nearly 35 years old, showed a high yearly need in heating warmth due to a reactivated swimming pool. The solar system works as a source for hot water, also covering the swimming pool, supports the heat pump and supplies a highly efficient insulation of face elements. The electrical energy for the operation of the heat pump is supplied by a photovoltaik-system.

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