A special Danish heat supply scheme and highly regulated laws on the heat supply market provide the possibilities to optimise the investment in large-scale CSTS instead of smaller individual CSTS.


Lilleroed Boligforening afd. 13, Alleroed (Denmark)

Multi-family-house | 53 sqm | 35 kWth | 1995

The CSTS is used only for domestic hot water heating. In the beginning the laundry machines in local common laundry facility also were connected to the domestic hot water system. But the machine supplier has recommended the association to disconnect that because there were no savings they said. (This is however not proved officially).

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”Sundparken” Solvarmeanlæg, Helsingør boligselskab, Elsinore (Denmark)

Multi-family house | 336 sqm | 235 kWth | 2000

The tenants initiated the installation of the CSTS and the motivator was the board of the association. The CSTS consist of flat plate collector in 2-part orientation (half west, half east). The solar thermal system was made as a demonstration project and consequently the price of the plant reflects this issue.

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