La Cimade, Béziers (France)

Pension house (reception centre) | 36 sqm | 25 kWth | 2003

The Cimade is an association created in 1939 to accommodate foreigners on regularization waiting. This reception centre was built for 70 persons.
In order to decrease the costs, but also to participate to the environmental protection, the owner hopes to use solar energy for hot tap water production.
The CSTS is composed of 36 sqm of collectors linked to a solar tank of 2.5 cbm.

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Saignon Elderly house, Saignon (France)

Elderly house | 50 sqm | 35 kWth | 2002

The specialised reception centre of Saignon is an example of a high environmental quality processes. This building was designed according to bioclimatic structure, especially with solar structure and was built on one floor to respect handicapped persons’ functionality. This operation has received the first price of the architecture national contest “Solar housing, housing of today 2002”.

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