Albergo Cepina, Valdisotto (SO) (Italy)

Hotel | 35 sqm | 23 kWth | 2006

The Valdisotto Municipality want to promote renewable energies towards the population. As soon as the monitoring data will be available, they will disseminate the systems’ performance and quantify the cost-benefit results.
Public Administrations should always be the first to implement best practice examples in order to promote the use of renewables.

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ASL Chivasso, Torino (Italy)

Hospital | 68 sqm | 43 kWth | 2003

In Chivasso (TO), a solar combisystem plant was installed on the roof of a public hospital. The 60 m2 flat plate collectors cover over 15 % of the whole energy demand of the building, which houses also a nurse school.
The heating network is based on fan coils, which are also responsible for cooling: in the summer the solar plant provides heat to the air treatment unit.

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ATC Torino, Moncalieri (TO), (Italy)

Multi-family house | 96 sqm | 63 kWth | 2004

The plant was installed on a new building from ATC, which is a local social housing company, and produces hot tap water for 42 dwellings. The flat plate collectors are installed according to the solar roof technology and are divided in to different fields, facing respectively east and west. The solar roof integration is cost effective and minimises the visual impact of the collectors.

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Athena, Calimera (LE) (Italy)

Pension house (old people's home) | 52 sqm | 30 kWth | 2007

The existing system was already preset for solar thermal integration. Besides, the constant thermal load of elderly houses fits very well to this technology. The boundary conditions were obviously very suitable for the installation of a solar thermal plant: the system provides heat for domestic hot water preparation and has been realised with heat pipe vacuum tube collectors.

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Collegio Einaudi, Torino (TO) (Italy)

Pension house (students' hall of residence) | 110 sqm | 70 kWth | 2007

Following factors lead to the final decision: high thermal energy demand, regional subsidies, technical university located very closed to the college, interest from both, the college management and the university, and availability of feasibility studies, carried out in a diploma thesis. 40 % of the investment costs were financed by the Region of Piemonte in the framework of a call for demo plants.

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Fondazione Edoardo Filograna, Casarano (LE) (Italy)

Pension house (elderly house) | 154 sqm | 95 kWth | 2007

Solar thermal plant for DHW production for "Edoardo Filograna" elderly house.
The investor decided to install a solar thermal plant after meeting a qualified solar planner. Availability of national subsidies for SMEs further convinced him.
Proposals for a solar thermal plant had been made before, but none was based on a previous energy consumption analysis, thus being far undesized.

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Gallo Ferrarese, Gallo Ferrarese (FE) (Italy)

Others: Agroindustrial enterprise | 80 sqm | 50 kWth | 2005

The solar thermal plant provides hot water for washing of boxes and for space heating.

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La Giurlita, Ugento (LE) (Italy)

Hotel | 60 sqm | 40 kWth | 2007

The existing heating plant was already preset for solar thermal, the target building’s conditions are very good and the rooms offer a high level of comfort. The coincidence between maximum heat demand and solar energy availability in the summer makes the system very convenient.
The solar systems provides heat for domestic hot water preparation.

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Masseria Bosco, Avetrana (TA) (Italy)

Hotel + restaurant | 129 sqm | 84 kWth | 2007

A first plant was realised with ten collectors. The good results achieved by the system convinced the owner to increase the plant's size, thus contributing to the external pool's heating.

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Melegnano, Melegnano (MI) (Italy)

Sports centre | 200 sqm | 130 kWth | 1999

The pilot plant in Melegnano was installed on a public swimming pool and partially financed by the European Community. It provides heat for both, the hot water system and the swimming pool. A solar performance guarantee was available for the first twelve months of operation. The plant has been planned according to large scale criteria. The total system costs amount to about 625 €/sqm.

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Piscina Playa, Catania (Italy)

Sports centre | 676 sqm | 350 kWth | 2006

This plant was installed in the framework of the “Comune Solarizzato“ project, thus benefitting from a public financial contribution. Playa is the major sport centre in the city and hosts a lot of different sport events.
The solar plant provides heat for the swimming pools, while a smaller solar plant heats up tap water. All in all, 302 solar collectors have been installed.

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Piscina solare Osimo, Osimo AN (Italy)

Sports centre | 270 sqm | 170 kWth | 2007

The Municipality of Osimo, owner of the sports centre, approved the project and participated in the investment.

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Pracatinat, Fenestrelle (TO) (Italy)

Hotel | 150 sqm | 100 kWth | 2004

Consorzio Pracatinat is an environmental education centre, namely a hotel for groups of students offering environmental education activities (up to 200 guests).
Large scale modules (10 m² each) were fixed on top of the building without perforating the roof. Due to the low efficiency of the existing auxiliary heating system, the fuel saving is very high.

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San Germano, San Germano Chisone (TO) (Italy)

Pension house (old people's home) | 70 sqm | 50 kWth | 2004

This plant is installed on the roof of an elderly house hosting about 100 people. The collector area is 70 sqm of CPC collectors, providing hot tap water.
The management of the building started the project due to an accompaignment program by the Province of Turin, which provided technical assistance by experts and economical subsidies.

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TELESUN, Verona (Italy)

Multi family house | 370 sqm | 230 kWth | 2003

This plant was installed on six existing buildings in Saval, Verona. Each building has nine levels.
A new technical room was built for the solar thermal plant’s components.
The flate plate collectors are installed on roof pitches facing south and produce heat for domestic hot water preparation.
The monitoring equipement calculates the produced solar heat and the total energy need.

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Terme di Santa Cesarea, Santa Cesarea Terme (LE) (Italy)

Others: Thermal baths | 539 sqm | 330 kWth | 2007

Solar thermal plant for hot water and space heating and for the heating of thermal water and mud.
The investor was awakened by the designer, who first suggested the installation of a solar thermal system. The subsidies for small and medium enterprises convinced the investor definitively.

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Via Torquato Tasso, Patù (LE) (Italy)

House with commercial area | 32.5 sqm | 20 kWth | 2007

The aim of the investor, who is working as an installer, was to realise a modern apartment with advanced technological solutions and low operation costs. Beside the solar thermal plant, high insulation standards have been therefore adopted. The solar system is based on flat plate solar thermal collectors, which are connected to a combi boiler with stratification control.

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Via Tovo, Olgiate Olona (Italy)

Multi-family house | 45 sqm | 28 kWth | 2007

Complete restructuring and conversion of existing rural buildings into a residential complex, conceived to combine best building practice with well accepted and experimented energy saving measures. High standard thermal insulation and efficient low temperature central heating coupled are among the other features accompanying the solar thermal water heating system.

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