Market studies

National market reports

As part of SOLARGE, eight comprehensive national reports, which provide a detailed inventory of key information on national markets and political frameworks for CSTS, were prepared in 2005. For this purpose, all project partners and an institution from Cyprus compiled current data and facts about their national solar markets for multi-family houses and hotels to compare them.
All partners used the same research design: four key questions were answered to identify specific obstacles and barriers to CSTS implementation in each country:

  1. What is the current situation in the existing national housing and hotel sector (national building stock, used heating systems, renovation and construction activities, players involvement in the solar industry)?
  2. What stage has the development of the national solar thermal market and the national solar thermal industry reached?
  3. How conducive is the framework provided by the existing national energy policy (political objectives, administrative procedures of programmes, subsidies)?
  4. How conducive are the existing national legal and economic conditions (energy prices, capital market terms, legal conditions for renovation work, building sector regulations)?

Downloads: National market studies

European market report

Additionally, a brochure based on the results of the national reports is available. It gives a short overview of the specific political, economic and general conditions for CSTS implementation in each partner country. The conclusions drawn from the analysis of the data, facts and general consitions will again form an important basis for SOLARGE in 2006 and 2007.

Downloads: European market report