Tools, services & products

As an essential feature of SOLARGE, all tools being produced within the project are published here.

National market studies: Analyses of the market situations in the SOLARGE countries in order to be able to adapt the SOLARGE tools to particular country specific requirements, one of the first steps done within SOLARGE

Image brochure "Solar Heat for Large Buildings": Meant to attract potential investors

Qualification: Training materials having been produced for educational measures

Promotion campaigns: Find information and best practice examples on how to promote and support the market introduction of collective solar thermal systems (CSTS) in your local community.

SOLARGE tools for professionals: You are an architect or an HVAC planner. This section provides you with various instruments and resources for planning and realising CSTS. In particular, proven building assessment checklists and numerous example assessment reports of the SOLARGE partners will help you to demonstrate CSTS feasibility to your customers.

SOLARGE Best Practice Catalogue
– Guidelines and Practical Examples for Apartment Buildings, Hotels and Business. A 72 pages brochure intended for building planners in the residential building, hotel and local government sector who aim to make buildings ready for the solar age.

Downloads: Everything else like presentations, posters and leaflets