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08 May 2008
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Opening up markets for collective solar thermal systems is the overall objective of SOLARGE.

Within the scope of SOLARGE a European Good Practice database is being set up in order to represent and analyse the factors and stories of success of existing plants. More than 150 projects from at least seven European countries will be edited in a comparable format.

Not only technical data are evaluated, but a special focal point will be the projects' present stories of success. Crucial aspects are for example the impulse for the project, kind of financing and support and special technical solutions.


How to use the Good Practice database

Click into the map in order to select a country and the database entries from this country will be displayed. Afterwards you may choose a certain project or refine your search.

Database entries are sorted by three criteria:
· Country
· Type of building
· Size of CSTS

Both Country and Type of building offer the option 'Show all …' and 'Skip …' respectively. This is useful, if one or both of these criteria should be disregarded.


1) If you chose 'Show all …' first and afterwards a concrete type of building, you will be displayed all the entries of this type of building, regardless of which country they come from.

2) If you want display those entries of a certain size from a certain country, select this country first, click 'Skip …' and finally select Size of CSTS.

Printable versions

A printable version in portable document format PDF is available at the bottom of each entry (Downloads).


The questionnaire is the basic instrument to analyse the key success factors for CSTS with the aid of existing solutions. The questionnaire is separated into five parts:

  • General information
    addressed to responsible persons / all involved actors

  • General description of the building services engineering and CSTS
    to be written mainly by technical side

  • Operation data
    to be written mainly by technical side

  • Investment costs
    to be filled out by the owner/investor

  • Qualitative aspects
    addressed to all involved actors


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If you want to participate and to receive the questionnaire as DOC file, please contact one of the SOLARGE project partners. The questionnaire is available in eight languages.

You are welcome to apply to the project partners for further information as well.

Please find specific contact information from the participating countries (in their particular languages):

Danmark · France · Deutschland · Italia · Nederlands · Slovenia · España