Barcelona, Spain

Multi family house | 238 sqm installation



The present assessment deals with a solar thermal system to be installed on four new residential buildings. Sixteen centralised systems have been estimated (one per floor).
The solar thermal installation proposed covers the mandatory solar fraction of 50 % for hot tap water in the zone III in Spain, according to the new Spanish building code (CTE). Its size has been estimated with the SOLARGE tool.
A back-up heating system is needed to ensure the availability of hot tap water during the whole year. The reduction of final energy has been estimated from the energy consumption of a natural gas boiler (η=0,7) for hot tap water preparation.
Additional information has been summarised on the Checklist for the estimation of technical parameters of solar thermal installations designed within the SOLARGE framework.



Type of building

Multi family house

Number of dwellings, floors

189 dwellings
759 users

Year of construction


Total effective area (heated)

not available 

Hot tap water consumption

6,095 m3/a

Whole energy consumption for heating purpose (present situation)


Proposed CSTS (main variant)

Type of collectors

Flat plate collectors

Thermal power

166.6 kWtherm.

Aperture area of collectors*)

238 m2

Buffer storage

15.0 m3

Hot tap water storage


Total capacity of boilers


Type of hot tap water heating

Natural gas

Type of heating system


Estimated Costs

Total cost solar system

not available

Cost of the CSTS/gross area of collectors

not available 

Available Subsidies

not available

Predicted System Output

Output of solar heat

187,356 kWh/a

Reduction of final energy

267,651 kWh/a

CO2-emissions avoided

63.3 t CO2/a

*) Aperture area = light transmitting area of the front glass


Assessment by

Ecofys SL
Paseo del Ferrocarril, 335, 4o-1a
08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain
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This assessment summary (English)

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Detailed assessment report, 10 pages (Spanish)

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