Masseria Bosco

Avetrana (TA), Italy

Hotel + restaurant | 129 sqm installation

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Project Summary

The decision to install a solar thermal system was taken due to high hot tap water consumption consumption and high energy costs. The plant, indeed, was operated with liquid gas. Besides, subsidies from the Region Puglia were available.
A first plant was realised with ten collectors. The good results achieved by the system convinced the owner to increase the plant's size, thus contributing to the external pool's heating.



Type of building

Hotel + restaurant

Number of users / dwellings, floors

32 beds + 50 covers + 12 rooms, 2 floors

Year of construction

late 17th century

Total effective area (heated)

770 m2

Hot tap water consumption (measured/estimated)

5,820 m3/a, measured

Whole energy consumption for heating purpose after CSTS implementation


System engineering

Year of construction of CSTS


Type of collectors

Flat plate collectors

Thermal power

84 kWtherm.

Aperture area of collectors*)

120 m2

Buffer storage


Hot tap water storage


Total capacity of boilers with energy source

not available (heat pump)

Type of hot tap water heating


Type of heating system



Total cost solar system

98,000 Euro

Cost of the CSTS / gross area of collectors

760 Euro/m2


50 %


Output of solar heat**)

100,769 kWh/a

Reduction of final energy***)

34,000 kWh/a

CO2-emissions avoided

25 t CO2/a

Solar performance guarantee

*) Aperture area = light transmitting area of the front glass
**) measured, between storage and piping to taps (solar system output)
***) related to the measured output mentioned before



Famiglia De Padova, hotel owners:

Due to high operation costs of the thermal system, the solar plant achieves very good results and thus we are completely satisfied with the investment. We are also using the solar plant as a marketing tool for our commercial activity.



Famiglia De Padova
Fabio De Padova
Via Stazione km.1
Avetrana, Italy
Phone: +39 99 9704-099
Fax: +39 99 9704-190


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