Munich, Germany

Multi-family house | 2 × 90 sqm installation

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Project Summary


This is a closed residential zone near the old fairground of Munich.
In 2004/2005 the existing heating and hot tap water heating system was completely reorganised. The existing central gas heating was dismantled and replaced by a solar thermal plant and a new natural gas condensing boiler.
The heat supply is realised by two separate identical heating systems. In total, 332 dwellings are supplied with hot tap water heated up by the solar thermal system.



Type of building

Multi-family house

Number of users / dwellings, floors

322 dwellings
6 floors

Year of construction


Total effective area (heated)

22,000 m2

Hot tap water consumption (measured/estimated)

not available

Whole energy consumption for heating purpose after CSTS implementation

not available

System engineering

Year of construction of CSTS


Type of collectors

Flat plate collectors

Thermal power

126 kWtherm.

Aperture area of collectors*)

2 × 90 m2

Buffer storage

2 × 4.75 m3

Hot tap water storage

2 × 5 m3

Total capacity of boilers with energy source

2 × 500 kW,

Type of hot tap water heating


Type of heating system



Total cost solar system

146,726 Euro

Cost of the CSTS / gross area of collectors

ca. 730 Euro/m2


30 %


Output of solar heat**)

90,800 kWh/a

Reduction of final energy***)

113,450 kWh/a

CO2-emissions avoided

20.3 CO2/a

Solar performance guarantee

not available

*) Aperture area = light transmitting area of the front glass
**) measured, between storage and piping to taps (solar system output)
***) related to the measured output mentioned before




The heat supply for the whole building is realised from two heating systems. Each heating system consists of two natural gas condensing boilers, four hot tap water heaters (each with a volume of 1,000 litres) and a serial hot tap water heater of 1,000 litres. Both heating systems were supported by solar thermal systems each with 90 m2 of collector area. All in all, 180 m2 collectors of these solar thermal systems were installed on the still existing copper roof. All solar energy is stored in two buffer storages with a total volume of 9,500 litres. Solar heat is only used for hot tap water generation. Hot tap water back-up heating is realised by the natural gas condensing boiler. The system has been controlled by IB Ulrich GmbH via remote data transferring.




Ingenieurbüro Ulrich GmbH - Versorgungstechnik
H. Ulrich
Margarethenweg 1
82194 Gröbenzell, Germany
Phone: +49 8142 570239
Fax: +49 8142 570240

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