Promotion campaigns

Various examples show that local partnerships of authorities, energy agencies and other energy stakeholders can successfully support the market introduction of CSTS. A specific promotion campaign has to be well tuned to the actual market barriers and opportunities of the individual community. In the ideal case, the campaign contemporaneously activates policy, demand and supply side with suitable measures such as:

  • qualification of professionals
  • information campaign aimed at investors
  • creation of favourable political basic conditions and financial support
  • demonstration plants on public buildings

The following Best Practice examples show how convinced local communities benefit from the positive and innovative "solar" atmosphere in the housing sector:

Natural Gas+Solar XXL

Berlin | Germany | 2007

"Erdgas+Solar XXL" is supporting the important market launching of solar thermal systems considering in particular the offers made by GASAG (local natural gas supplier) for the funding of the technological combination of natural gas and solar heating. Through this campaign, potential investors and operators are informed by information materials and by different events. Furthermore, the special funding and consultancy for solar systems offer purposeful help right at the beginning of a project. So called "Solaragenten" ('agents' promoting solar heating) support the housing industry in finding appropriate buildings.

See details or download here (PDF)

Promotion of large solar thermal systems

Province of Turin | Italy | 20032006

The Province of Turin implemented a promotion campaign for large-scale solar thermal plants between 2003 and 2006. The campaign addressed both, investors and technicians, thus enhancing local know-how establishment.

See details or download here (PDF)


Rome | Italy | 2006+

The Province of Rome implemented a promotion campaign for large-scale solar thermal plants in partnership with the SOLARGE project. It started in 2006 and is still ongoing. It addresses investors, technicians and public administrations in the province of Rome, thus enhancing local know-how establishment. Outcomes of the SOLARGE project have been adopted in the campaign. Scientific support is being provided by the local cooperative Reseda Onlus.

See details or download here (PDF)


Municipality Zagorje ob Savi | Slovenia | 2007+

The campaign for CSTS implementation in the area of municipality Zagorje runs in cooperation with municipality administration, the Regional Development Center (RCR) and important local players from the building sector. Main intention is informing of potential investors on available technologies and possible solutions of large solar systems for multi-family and public buildings in municipality.

See details or download here (PDF)

Solar thermal energy for large buildings

Spain | 2007+

The campaign consisted of a mailing package which contained documentation elaborated within the SOLARGE project framework as well as the promotion of the SOLARGE tools. The campaign has been addressed to project developers, architects, technicians, stakeholders, etc. Solar thermal energy is currently a main concern in Spain due to the building code's obligations. Therefore, great feedback is expected from the SOLARGE campaign.

See details or download here (PDF)