Athena, Calimera (LE) (Italy)

Pension house (old people's home) | 52 sqm | 30 kWth | 2007

The existing system was already preset for solar thermal integration. Besides, the constant thermal load of elderly houses fits very well to this technology. The boundary conditions were obviously very suitable for the installation of a solar thermal plant: the system provides heat for domestic hot water preparation and has been realised with heat pipe vacuum tube collectors.

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La Cimade, Béziers (France)

Pension house (reception centre) | 36 sqm | 25 kWth | 2003

The Cimade is an association created in 1939 to accommodate foreigners on regularization waiting. This reception centre was built for 70 persons.
In order to decrease the costs, but also to participate to the environmental protection, the owner hopes to use solar energy for hot tap water production.
The CSTS is composed of 36 sqm of collectors linked to a solar tank of 2.5 cbm.

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Coatsworth Crescent, Toronto (Canada)

Pension house | 176 sqm | 113 kWth | 2006

The building is a non-governmental organisational home for senior citizens. It is in sound mechanical condition. But the existing equipment for hot water heating is of poor efficiency level.
The solar thermal system is used for domestic hot water pre-heating only.

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Collegio Einaudi, Torino (TO) (Italy)

Pension house (students' hall of residence) | 110 sqm | 70 kWth | 2007

Following factors lead to the final decision: high thermal energy demand, regional subsidies, technical university located very closed to the college, interest from both, the college management and the university, and availability of feasibility studies, carried out in a diploma thesis. 40 % of the investment costs were financed by the Region of Piemonte in the framework of a call for demo plants.

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Dom starejših obcanov Preddvor, Preddvor (Slovenia)

Pension house | 144 sqm | 100 kWth | 1990/2000

Elderly home Preddvor is home of 190 guests, mainly pensioners and disable peoples. There are two residential buildings, an older one (1860) and a newer one, built in 1990. The buildings are well maintained, still not thermal insulated. Since 2003 the buildings are heated by biomass district heating plant.

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Dom starejših obcanov Tezno, Maribor (Slovenia)

Pension house | 100 sqm | 70 kWth | 2003

Solar system is built at Elderly home TEZNO in Maribor. Solar system is used for heating of hot tap water. There are 100 sqm of selective flat solar collectors placed on flat roof. System was built in 2003. Half of the investment was paid by the owners of the elderly home, the other half was paid by municipality of Maribor in form of non-refundable funds.

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Dom Tisje, Šmartno pri Litiji (Slovenia)

Pension house | 175 + 43 sqm | 140 kWth | 1992–94

Two systems operate in Elderly home Tisje. The larger one with a solar collector aperture area of 160 m2 is used for preheating of tap water, the smaller one (aperture area 40 m2) for heating of water for washing and drying of linen. In both systems oil boilers are used for backup heating. In the year 2005 they started an energy reconstruction.

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Fondazione Edoardo Filograna, Casarano (LE) (Italy)

Pension house (elderly house) | 154 sqm | 95 kWth | 2007

Solar thermal plant for DHW production for "Edoardo Filograna" elderly house.
The investor decided to install a solar thermal plant after meeting a qualified solar planner. Availability of national subsidies for SMEs further convinced him.
Proposals for a solar thermal plant had been made before, but none was based on a previous energy consumption analysis, thus being far undesized.

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De Grevelingen, 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

Old people's home | 96 sqm | 67 kWth | 2003

Social housing association WoonVeste realised a 100 sqm collective solar thermal system on the roof of one of their apartment buildings homes for elderly people with 105 dwellings.
Some of the senior tenants were skeptical as they had to pay more rent. But energy costs have lowered, and all tenants are satisfied with the system now.

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Karl-Lemmermann-Haus, Hanover (Germany)

Pension house | 41 sqm | 29 kWth | 2002

In 2002 the energy supply of this residential accommodation for homeless males was renovated: a 40 sqm solar thermal plant for hot tap water heating, a 4.7 kWp photo­voltaic plant and a rainwater catchment system were installed.
The consumption of natural gas could be reduced by more than 20,000 kWh/a.

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Laurentiushaus, Olching (Germany)

Nursing home | 77 sqm | 48 kWth | 2005

Reorganization of the gas central heating installation was necessary, because the new EU-standard was not reached.
Additionally a very high warm water consumption also in the summer was determined. Therefore a CSTS and three mini cogeneration units were installed.
The building itself is in good shape.

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Saignon Elderly house, Saignon (France)

Elderly house | 50 sqm | 35 kWth | 2002

The specialised reception centre of Saignon is an example of a high environmental quality processes. This building was designed according to bioclimatic structure, especially with solar structure and was built on one floor to respect handicapped persons’ functionality. This operation has received the first price of the architecture national contest “Solar housing, housing of today 2002”.

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San Germano, San Germano Chisone (TO) (Italy)

Pension house (old people's home) | 70 sqm | 50 kWth | 2004

This plant is installed on the roof of an elderly house hosting about 100 people. The collector area is 70 sqm of CPC collectors, providing hot tap water.
The management of the building started the project due to an accompaignment program by the Province of Turin, which provided technical assistance by experts and economical subsidies.

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