Aquatik Park A Coruña, Cerceda, Galicia (Spain)

Sports centre | 1,130 sqm | 715 kWth | 2006

The CSTS has been installed to extend the park operating season by covering a bigger demand of the swimming pool heating.
The CSTS for the Aquatic Park A Coruña is one of the biggest installation within the country and is a remarkable example in the solar thermal field due to its design singularity (pergola construction).

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Club Tennis Sabadell, Sabadell, Catalonia (Spain)

Sports centre | 380 sqm | 244 kWth | 2005

The Sabadell Tennis Club decided to reduce their energy bill by installing a solar thermal system. They were offered an ESCO project with a contract duration of tvelwe years. After that period of time, the CSTS will totally belong to the club.
The system covers part of the hot water demand and gives support to the
swimming pool.

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Hotel Delfin, Izola (Slovenia)

Hotel, sports centre | 140 sqm | 90 kWth | 2001

In year 2001 the hotel was renovated. The roof, that was sloped before, is now flat and supports four fields of solar collectors, which are designed exclusively for heating of salt water in internal and external swimming pools. The heat storages have integrated tube heat exchangers and they are connected to the compensation pool, where fresh sea water is added and disinfected.

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Dom paraplegikov, Pacug (Slovenia)

Hotel, Hospital and Sports centre | 78 sqm | 50 kWth | 2006

The Health Resort is designed for invalids and offers them an option for healthy and relax vacations. Invalid sportsman can use the resort for preparation for sport competitions.
The solar system is used for tap water heating and preheating of swimming pool water. It will operate throughout the whole year.

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Melegnano, Melegnano (MI) (Italy)

Sports centre | 200 sqm | 130 kWth | 1999

The pilot plant in Melegnano was installed on a public swimming pool and partially financed by the European Community. It provides heat for both, the hot water system and the swimming pool. A solar performance guarantee was available for the first twelve months of operation. The plant has been planned according to large scale criteria. The total system costs amount to about 625 €/sqm.

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Piscina Playa, Catania (Italy)

Sports centre | 676 sqm | 350 kWth | 2006

This plant was installed in the framework of the “Comune Solarizzato“ project, thus benefitting from a public financial contribution. Playa is the major sport centre in the city and hosts a lot of different sport events.
The solar plant provides heat for the swimming pools, while a smaller solar plant heats up tap water. All in all, 302 solar collectors have been installed.

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Piscina solare Osimo, Osimo AN (Italy)

Sports centre | 270 sqm | 170 kWth | 2007

The Municipality of Osimo, owner of the sports centre, approved the project and participated in the investment.

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Piscines Picornell, Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)

Sports centre | 371 sqm | 234 kWth | 2004

The CSTS has been installed in the Picornell swimming pools to cover the hot water demand of the showers and the gym. The solar thermal installation has been designed in the form of a pergola to shadow the sport centre parking lot.

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Terme Catez / Hotel Zusterna, Koper (Slovenia)

Hotel & Sports centre | 600 sqm | 420 kWth | 2001

The solar system is built at hotel Zusterna at the seaside. It is used for heating of the outdoor swimming pool and was installed during the renovation in 2001. The whole roof of an indoor swimming pool is used as solar roof with unglazed solar collectors. The costs of the solar collector were only 40,2 €/sqm because only additional costs for stainless steel piping and pump was paid.

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Terme Snovik, Kamnik (Slovenia)

Hotel & Sports centre | 81 sqm | 57 kWth | 2004

Company Terme Snovik d.o.o. is a fast developing company which manages tourist-recreational centre in village Snovik.
Building was built in accordance with high thermal insulation level standard from year 2001. From the beginning geothermal water (26°C) and liquid gas (LG) is used.

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De Zwoer, Driebergen-Rijsenburg (Netherlands)

Swimming pool | 750 sqm | 525 kWth | 1990

The management, always been keen on energy saving and renewable energy, realised a solar thermal energy system with covered single glazed collectors for pool as well as shower heating. In addition, the pool uses a combined heat and power unit and heat-recovery from pool waste water. The system has always been functioning well.

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