Ærøskøbing Solar Heating, Ærøskøbing (Denmark)

District heating plant | 4,875 sqm | 3,400 kWth | 1998–2000

Before the solar heating plant the supply of heat was straw as the main source, supplied by pellets and a little oil in the peak winter load.
The plant was initiated to be able to stop the straw boiler at summer time and to use the heat storage in winter to reduce the demand for oil.

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Bischof-Benno-Haus, Schmochtitz (Germany)

Educational centre | 79 sqm | 48 kWth | 2000

The bishop Benno house in Schmochtitz is the central educational institution of the diocese Dresden Meissen.
In the framework of the development of a former barn, a solar thermal system for hot water heating for three buildings (barn, land house and main house) was established on the new covered roof.

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Brædstrup Fjernvarme, Brædstrup (Denmark)

District heating plant | 8,000 sqm | 6,000 kWth | 2007

The new in this project is to demonstrate how solar heat and CHP can complement each other based on market prices, so the use of natural gas and thereby the CO2-emission reduces. The 8000 m² are expected to produce 4,000 MWh annually which is 10 % of the total heat production.

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CONTANK Parking Service, Castellbisbal, Catalonia (Spain)

Others: industry | 570 sqm | 357 kWth | 2005

In the Castellbisbal’s parking service transportation containers from trucks and railways are cleaned. Part of the cleaning process requires hot water vapour.
The daily consumption is about 80.000 l at 70 ºC – 80 ºC. The CSTC produces 429 MWh which covers 21 % of the total hot water demand. The installation has a monitoring system that allows detecting system incidences through internet.

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Gallo Ferrarese, Gallo Ferrarese (FE) (Italy)

Others: Agroindustrial enterprise | 80 sqm | 50 kWth | 2005

The solar thermal plant provides hot water for washing of boxes and for space heating.

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Marstal District heating, Marstal (Denmark)

District heating plant | 18,365 sqm | 13,000 kWth | 1996–2003

The project has been a really innovative project, precenting the following:
· new control mode in the form of variable flows
· test of two new types of heat storages
· being a place where a number of solutions for panel types, storage types etc. are presented

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NRGi, Samsø (Denmark)

District heating plant | 2,500 sqm | 1,750 kWth | 2002

Two villages on Samsø established a work group to investigate the possibilities for district heating. They evaluated that the power company NRGi should carry through the project because they already had experience from another project.
The plant is operated on commercial conditions. The solar energy is supported by a biomass boiler. The plant supersedes the usage of oil in the 185 households.

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Passive houses, Karlsbad (Germany)

Residential Estate | 62 sqm | 40 kWth | 2002

Initiated and financed by Alfred Ritter, Paradigma has extended its proven concepts with this type of residential estate of passive houses. Solar energy is used for hot tap water and space heating. The residential estate was consistently planned and built in a passive house design. Efficiency and the usage of ecological technical building equipment have always been in the primary focus.

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Rise Fjernvarme, Rise, Aeroe (Denmark)

District heating plant | 3,600 sqm | 2,500 kWth | 2001

To establish a new district heating plant for the villages Rise and Dunkaer. 115 buildings are connected including 100 single family houses, the school, church, inn, old peoples home and the primary school.
The source of heat is 47 % solar heating and 53 % wood pellets.

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Ry District heating plant, Ry (Denmark)

District heating | 3,000 sqm | 2,000 kWth | 1990

The solar heating plant was established as a R&D project within a Government programme to develop solar heating plants for district heating.
The solar heating plant is groundmounted at a plot of wasteland, situated 300 meters from the district heating plant.
At the time of construction the plant was by far the largest plant in Denmark.

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Technology centre Špan, Brezovica pri Ljubljani (Slovenia)

Car centre with coffee house | 44 sqm | 20 kWth | 2005

Špan d.o.o. is a family company that is working in vulcanizing business for 25 years. In 2005 they have expanded their business also in car selling, technical inspections and car washing. For this they have built the new centre with total ground area of 3,000 sqm.

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Strählerweg, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Single-family detached house| 125 sqm | 60 kWth | 2004

The building which is nearly 35 years old, showed a high yearly need in heating warmth due to a reactivated swimming pool. The solar system works as a source for hot water, also covering the swimming pool, supports the heat pump and supplies a highly efficient insulation of face elements. The electrical energy for the operation of the heat pump is supplied by a photovoltaik-system.

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Terme di Santa Cesarea, Santa Cesarea Terme (LE) (Italy)

Others: Thermal baths | 539 sqm | 330 kWth | 2007

Solar thermal plant for hot water and space heating and for the heating of thermal water and mud.
The investor was awakened by the designer, who first suggested the installation of a solar thermal system. The subsidies for small and medium enterprises convinced the investor definitively.

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Tubberupvænge, Herlev, (Denmark)

Residential estate | 1,385 sqm | 970 kWth | 2001

Social housing association Herlev Kommunes Boligselskab/KAB realised a 1,025 m² collective solar thermal system on a field and 8 × 45 m² solar thermal systems on the roofs on individual houses. A 3,000 m³ insulated season storage basin is located 6 m below the field panels.

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Via Torquato Tasso, Patù (LE) (Italy)

House with commercial area | 32.5 sqm | 20 kWth | 2007

The aim of the investor, who is working as an installer, was to realise a modern apartment with advanced technological solutions and low operation costs. Beside the solar thermal plant, high insulation standards have been therefore adopted. The solar system is based on flat plate solar thermal collectors, which are connected to a combi boiler with stratification control.

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Župnijska cerkev Sv. Petra in Sv. Pavla, Zagorje ob Savi (Slovenia)

Church | 34 sqm | 22 kWth | 2002

Parish church in Zagorje ob Savi was build in 1874, mainly from the stones. A renovation was started in 2000.
According to the good experience with low temperature walls heating in another church the same system was chosen. It is used only for heating and – in contrast to the back-up boilers – it operates throughout the whole year.

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