Dom starejših obcanov Preddvor, Preddvor (Slovenia)

Pension house | 144 sqm | 100 kWth | 1990/2000

Elderly home Preddvor is home of 190 guests, mainly pensioners and disable peoples. There are two residential buildings, an older one (1860) and a newer one, built in 1990. The buildings are well maintained, still not thermal insulated. Since 2003 the buildings are heated by biomass district heating plant.

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Dom starejših obcanov Tezno, Maribor (Slovenia)

Pension house | 100 sqm | 70 kWth | 2003

Solar system is built at Elderly home TEZNO in Maribor. Solar system is used for heating of hot tap water. There are 100 sqm of selective flat solar collectors placed on flat roof. System was built in 2003. Half of the investment was paid by the owners of the elderly home, the other half was paid by municipality of Maribor in form of non-refundable funds.

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Dom Tisje, Šmartno pri Litiji (Slovenia)

Pension house | 175 + 43 sqm | 140 kWth | 1992–94

Two systems operate in Elderly home Tisje. The larger one with a solar collector aperture area of 160 m2 is used for preheating of tap water, the smaller one (aperture area 40 m2) for heating of water for washing and drying of linen. In both systems oil boilers are used for backup heating. In the year 2005 they started an energy reconstruction.

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