Technology centre Špan, Brezovica pri Ljubljani (Slovenia)

Car centre with coffee house | 44 sqm | 20 kWth | 2005

Špan d.o.o. is a family company that is working in vulcanizing business for 25 years. In 2005 they have expanded their business also in car selling, technical inspections and car washing. For this they have built the new centre with total ground area of 3,000 sqm.

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Župnijska cerkev Sv. Petra in Sv. Pavla, Zagorje ob Savi (Slovenia)

Church | 34 sqm | 22 kWth | 2002

Parish church in Zagorje ob Savi was build in 1874, mainly from the stones. A renovation was started in 2000.
According to the good experience with low temperature walls heating in another church the same system was chosen. It is used only for heating and – in contrast to the back-up boilers – it operates throughout the whole year.

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