SOLARGE ROME Activities for spreading large solar thermal systems

Province of Rome, Italy

Italian title: SOLARGE ROMA Azioni di diffusione degli impianti solari termici di grandi dimensioni




The Province of Rome implemented a promotion campaign for large-scale solar thermal plants in partnership with the SOLARGE project (co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe). The project started in 2006 and is still ongoing. It addresses investors, technicians and public administrations in the province of Rome, thus enhancing local know-how establishment. Outcomes of the SOLARGE project have been adopted in the campaign. Scientific support is being provided by the local cooperative Reseda Onlus. 20,000 Euro have been foreseen for communication and for scientific support to four large-scale solar thermal systems. After an information and training phase, a call for tender has been launched to choose four target buildings for the installation of solar plants. Feasibility studies have been carried out and, finally, the plants are being installed. The campaign has been successful so far. Future local campaigns should have, whenever possible, a higher budget and foresee a comprehensive communication campaign.



The campaign is being carried out in the province of Rome, where over 4 millions inhabitants are living. Due to the existence of Italy's capital Rome (2,700,000 inhabitants) and of some large cities (Guidonia Montecelio ca. 77,000 inhabitants, Fiumicino ca. 61,000, Pomezia ca. 52,000) large multi-family houses and social housing are common in this region. Besides, there are a lot of hotels on the seaside.

Another solar thermal campaign called "Paese del Sole" was already and is still ongoing in the province of Rome. It deals with small-scale solar thermal plants and addresses mainly end users and installers. By addressing large energy consumers, the SOLARGE campaign completes the Province's effort in promoting solar thermal systems.

This campaign is part of the European cooperation project SOLARGE supported by the "Intelligent Energy Europe" programme of the European Union.



Aim of the campaign is to promote large-scale solar plants towards investors and local authorities and to establish technical know-how on local level. To achieve these aims, a comprehensive scientific support program has been provided. Besides, a communication package has been adopted to disseminate the campaign's outcomes towards the target groups (house owners, industry, local authorities, technicians, banking institutes, etc.).
The Province has carried out an information campaign towards the target groups and organised specific training courses, technical and information seminars. Through a call for tenders four target buildings have been chosen for the installation of solar thermal plants. The owners benefit from technical support during the complete realisation phase, starting with energy audits and ending with monitoring.



The campaign was structured as follows:

Promotion of the initiative
The initiative has been promoted towards the Province's technicians and the local authorities located in the province's territory. Other institutions (e. g. ARPA regional agency for environment protection) have also been addressed. The promotion based on mailing lists, telephone and fax.

Seminar for technicians of local municipalities
A six hours seminar for technicians of the Province's and of local municipalities took place in 2006 with following programme:

  • possible applications for large-scale solar thermal plants

  • state-of-the-art of the technology

  • most common plant schemes

  • economic feasibility and available subsidies

Training course for planners and installers
A sixteen hours technical training course took place at the beginning of 2007. It addressed both, planners and installers and offered following programme:

  • possible applications for large-scale solar thermal plants

  • state-of-the-art of the technology

  • most common plant schemes

  • plant design

  • economic feasibility and available subsidies

Realisation of plants with scientific support
A call for tender has been launched in order to choose four buildings suitable for large-scale solar thermal systems and provide scientific support.

To promote the initiative, press releases, articles on local newspapers and dedicated seminars have been organised. The seminars addressed industry, residential building owners and banking institutes.

Financing schemes
In cooperation with interested banking institutes, dedicated financing tools have been implemented.

Energy audits
The buildings participating in the call have been audited in order to evaluate feasibility of solar thermal plants. The results of each study have been delivered to the owner of the building.

Plant dimensioning, installation and monitoring
After evaluation of the call for tender, four target buildings have been chosen according to the feasibility studies. The main system components have been dimensioned by experts. Minimum requirements for system components have been defined. The plant realisation is being supervised on site. Finally, monitoring of the plant is foreseen.


Financial resources and partners

20,000 have been provided by the Province of Rome for communication and scientific support to the plants.
The work has been carried out by the cooperative Reseda Onlus which is active in the branch of solar planning and installation.



Following results have been achieved within the project:

  • four information seminars addressed to industry, residential building owners and banking institutes (140 participants)

  • training course for technicians (40 participants)

  • six feasibility studies

  • four large-scale solar thermal plants currently being installed (about 450 m2 of collectors in total)

  • 1,000 brochures disseminated (municipalities, provinces, social housing companies, building companies)


Lessons learnt and repeatability 

The most positive aspect of the project is the involvement of different actors: concerning the demand side, industry, house owners as well as municipalities have joined the call for tenders.
On the supply side, planners and installers have been trained and are now experiencing a plant installation, thus gathering specific know-how with the support of experts.
Finally, boundary conditions have been improved by involving banks, which have in some cases developed specific financial packages.
For future initiatives it is recommendable that a higher budget is foreseen for co-financing and supporting the plant realisation. What is more, a more detailed communication programme should be carried out.


Contact for more information

Project website:

RESEDA - Onlus
Roberto Salustri
via Lombardia 19, Rome, Italy
Tel.: +39 06 9364170
Fax: +39 06 9364170



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